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Hailey Saxton, BSc, MSACN, DC

  • Program of Study: Clinical Sciences Residency Program
  • Institution: Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College
  • Project Title: Exploring how chiropractors integrate patient preferences into shared decision making- A qualitative study
  • Project Background:  The evidence-based practice (EBP) model helps clinicians make informed decisions about patient care. EBP suggests clinical expertise be used to integrate best research evidence, clinical state, and patient preferences. The successful implementation of the EBP model can be impacted by healthcare providers’ failure to incorporate patients’ preferences. Shared decision making (SDM) is an innovative strategy that integrates patient preferences into clinical decision making, leading to improved clinician-patient relationships and patient health outcomes. There is limited knowledge of how chiropractors integrate patient preferences into SDM. Thus, to further this knowledge it is necessary to understand the current experiences of chiropractors.
  • Project Objectives:  Our project aims to explore chiropractors’ experiences with integrating patient preferences in shared decision making.
  • Funding Source: CMCC


  • Silvano Mior, DC, PhD, FCCS(C) (Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College)
  • Carol Cancelliere, DC, MPH, PhD (Ontario Tech University)

Committee Members:

  • Ginny Brunton, RN, PhD (Ontario Tech University)
  • Melissa Atkinson-Graham, PhD (Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College)