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Posted February 13, 2024

Dr. Jen Rinaldi is available to supervise students interested in studying disability and rehabilitation policy. Dr. Rinaldi researchers disability law and policy, institutional and carceral violence, and structural barriers to independent and community living.

Please view Dr. Rinaldi's profile<> for more information, and inquiries about the program and supervision opportunity can be sent to


Posted February 13, 2024

Ontario Tech University’s Master of Arts in Social Practice and Innovation (MSPI) has begun reviewing applications for the September 2024 start – the application deadline has been extended, and will remain open until 8 slots with funding offers are filled. 

Please see our website for details <> on this unique 16- month Masters program.


Posted January 16, 2024

Dr. Pierre


Posted December 6, 2022

Institute for Disability and Rehabilitation Research becomes a founding member of the WHO Rehabilitation Alliance. 

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Posted  November 28, 2022

Congratulations Dr. Jessica Wong on being awarded the 2022 Banting post-doctoral fellowship. The Banting Fellowship is the most prestigious post-doctoral award in Canada!

Jessica's post-doctoral research at the Institute for Disability and Rehabilitation research will focus on finding innovative approaches to reduce the burden of unmet rehabilitation needs in older adults with back pain.




The Institute for Disability and Rehabilitation Research (IDRR) and Cochrane Rehabilitation are pleased to announce a new collaboration that aims to develop solutions to common methodological challenges faced when conducting systematic reviews in the field of rehabilitation.


Posted March 21, 2022

What do institutions owe disabled people when COVID-19 shifts from pandemic to endemic status? What do disabled people need in order to survive and thrive in a post-pandemic world?

These important questions will be discussed at a webinar co-hosted by the Institute for Disability and Rehabilitation Research, the Faculty of Health Sciences and the Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities. Come meet our panel of experts who will discuss: “Supporting Disabled People Post Pandemic” on Thursday, March 31 from 12:00-1:30. Registration is free at:

Please view the recorded discussion, click here.


Posted Dec 10, 2021

Check out the official announcement of the IDRR!

Posted December 6, 2021

Check out our new LinkedIn page, follow us and connect with colleagues to discuss issues in disability and rehabilitation research:

Posted November 19, 2021

Read the latest Cochrane Rehabilitation Newsletter (issue 47, November 2021)

Latest Cochrane reviews related to rehabilitation, new research fellowship, upcoming events ... Read here

Posted October 15, 2021

Read the latest Cochrane Rehabilitation Newsletter (issue 46, October 2021)

Read about the latest Cochrane reviews related to rehabilitation, and find out about upcoming news and events:

Since its official launch in December 2016, Cochrane Rehabilitation has been working actively to promote evidence-informed health decision-making, enhancing the awareness and use of evidence-based practices for potential rehabilitation stakeholders, including clinicians, students, policy decision-makers and health managers, and patients and caregivers. On its fifth anniversary, Cochrane Rehabilitation will celebrate the “Results of 5 years of Cochrane Rehabilitation activities".

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Posted October 5, 2021

Spine Tuesday: New EUROSPINE Webinar Series featuring Updates and Highlights in Spine Care!

Spine Tuesday webinars are open to all spine care professions and are held every third Tuesday of the month from 19:00 to 20:00 CEST (1:00 pm Toronto time). There is no registration fee.

Each webinar includes updates and highlights in spine care, with presentations by renowned experts, with whom participants will be able to interact through the platform.

The next webinar is October 19: Evidence based virtual spine care
Welcome and introduction by Prof Pierre Côté
Evidenced based virtual spinal subjective examination, Prof Lisa Roberts
Evidenced based virtual PE of the spine and evidence for virtual spinal rehabilitation, Dr Michelle Cottrell
Delivering high quality virtual spine consultations: A surgeon's perspective, Dr Colin Nnadi
More informationfree registration 

Posted September 30, 2021

Dr. Heather Shearer is preparing to defend her PhD thesis, entitled: The clinical course of pain intensity in children and youth with cerebral palsy

Dr. Shearer is associated with the Institute of Health Policy, Management and Evaluation (University of Toronto), Bloorview Research Institute, Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital, and the Institute for Disability and Rehabilitation Research.

From Dr. Shearer:
This thesis aimed to identify short-term pain trajectories and their associations with well-being in children and youth with CP.

First, I conducted a systematic review to identify knowledge gaps and describe the clinical course of pain intensity in persons with CP resulting from usual care or specific interventions. Second, I designed a cohort study and tested its feasibility in a cohort of 10 children/youth with CP attending two Ontario children’s treatment centers. Third, I conducted a cohort study including 102 children/youth to identify short-term pain trajectories and their association with well-being.

My thesis advances the study of pain in youth with CP by providing information about short-term pain intensity trajectories and their association with well-being. I synthesized the existing literature about the clinical course of pain intensity and identified how pain trajectory membership is associated with physical and psychological well-being.

The first paper emerging from this research was just published in BMC Pediatrics:
Shearer HM, Côté P, Hogg-Johnson S, McKeever P, Fehlings DL. Identifying pain trajectories in children and youth with cerebral palsy: A pilot study. BMC Pediatr. 2021;21(1):428.

Posted September 24, 2021

The Canadian Chiropractic Research Foundation (CCRF) has announced 2021 project grants; IDRR is a recipient!

Title: The development of a global tracer indicator to measure effective coverage for rehabilitation of low back pain
Award: $29,800
Leads: Dr. Jessica Wong/Dr. Pierre Côté, University of Ontario Institute of Technology (UOIT).
Impact: In partnership with the WHO, this project will develop a much-needed metric for rehabilitation of LBP from health care providers, including chiropractors. It will be used in high-impact global studies (like the Global Burden of Disease Study) to advance the goal for all people to receive high-quality services and rehabilitation for optimal health and function. This is the first research project of its kind led by university-based chiropractors in Canada.
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Posted September 20, 2021

New LBP and depression systematic review led by Dr. Jessica Wong, published in the Journal of General Internal Medicine

Wong JJ, Tricco AC, Côté P, Liang CY, Lewis JA, Bouck Z, Rosella LC. Association between depressive symptoms or depression and health outcomes for low back pain: A systematic review and meta-analysis. J Gen Intern Med. 2021 Aug 12.
Background: Study results vary on whether depressive symptoms are associated with worse prognosis for low back pain (LBP). We assessed the association between depressive symptoms or depression and health outcomes in persons with LBP.

Posted September 16, 2021

Read the latest Cochrane Rehabilitation Newsletter (issue 44, July 2021). *Trusted evidence. Informed decisions. Better health.*

View the newsletter at: 

Posted March 22, 2021 in CBC News:

British Columbia

Battle over chiropractors' ability to do routine X-rays headed for B.C. court; College of Chiropractors of British Columbia says repeat radiography shows no benefit to patients and increases radiation risk

The College's decision to restrict the use of X-rays comes after a rapid review of the scientific literature on the topic. The team that conducted that research included Pierre Côté, Canada Research Chair in Disability Prevention and Rehabilitation at Ontario Tech University.

Read the rapid review: Corso M, Cancelliere C, Mior S, Kumar V, Smith A, Côté P. The clinical utility of routine spinal radiographs by chiropractors: A rapid review of the literature. Chiropr Man Therap. 2020;28(1):33.

*Clinical Management of COVID-19* is a free online course offered by WHO. With input from international experts, WHO has developed a 7-module course on rehabilitation as part of their free training series on COVID-19. Open to all health practitioners!