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Canadian Chiropractic Guideline Initiative

The Canadian Chiropractic Guideline Initiative (CCGI) works to enhance the health of Canadians by fostering excellence in chiropractic care under four strategic goals:

  • Transforming the culture of the chiropractic profession to one that is guided by evidence-informed practice

  • Producing, adapting or adopting recommendations relevant to chiropractic practice to enhance patient care, based on the best available evidence

  • Creating and applying innovative knowledge translation strategies to influence chiropractic practice

  • Engaging stakeholders to assist in disseminating best practice to their members  

How does it help me?

CCGI provides a number of resources for both the patient and provider, these include patient handouts, exercise videos, guideline summaries, care pathways, and much more.

Additionally, CCGI provides educational material for providers, researchers, and students alike while also providing guided opportunities for involvement in research projects.

What's on the horizon?

CCGI is working on a number of exciting projects. A detailed and updated list of current projects can be found on their site. View the CCGI Website. View a list of IDRR/CCGI publications, both published and in process.

Team Members

  • Carol Cancelliere - Project Lead
  • Poonam Cardoso - Research Administration Officer
  • Gaelan Connell - Research Associate - Knowledge Broker
  • Darrin Germann - Research Associate
  • Heather Shearer - Research Associate
  • Danielle Southerst - Research Project Manager
  • Anne Taylor-Vaisey - Research Associate - Health Sciences Librarian
  • Leslie Verville - Research Project Manager
  • Jessica Wong - Research Associate
  • Hainan Yu - Research Project Manager