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WHO Daily Digests

The scientific literature on COVID-19 and SARS-COV-2 is increasing in volume and complexity with every day that the outbreak continues. World Health Organization (WHO) staff in WHE and in other technical units and offices at headquarters and in regional are grappling with how to keep up with the emerging literature. One approach to this “infodemic” is to provide a daily service that screens new scientific publications for relevance and quality, identifies key studies, summarizes them at the study level, and disseminates them to relevant audiences. We term this product a “Daily Digest”.

 The WHO selected CDPR to lead a collaborative effort to inform key individuals within the WHO about COVID-19 trends and issues. The CDPR research team is responsible for reviewing and producing the WHO daily COVID-19 Research Digest. The Digest compiles the latest trends on a wide range of issues, including:

  • Breakthroughs in research into interventions/therapeutics.
  • Major advances in knowledge about the virus or disease and challenges to previously held understandings.
  • Clinical updates, such as new symptoms, risk factors, and associated COVID-19 conditions.
  • Epidemiology and public health trends.

The Daily Digest that is compiled provides end-users at WHO with rapid access to the exploding range of new literature from key publications of primary research related to COVID-19, including epidemiology, lab studies, vaccine development, travel restriction measures, and more. The report ensures public health experts are apprised of the latest findings around the globe.

Team Members

  • Pierre Côté - Project Lead
  • Heather Shearer - Senior Research Associate
  • Deborah Sutton - Research Associate
  • Dan Wang - Post-doctoral Fellow
  • Jessica Wong - Research Associate
  • Poonam Cardoso - Research Administration Officer